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June 12th, 2013

Startup Weekend

Miss TaraFit™ was the only aspiring Belly Dancer / Yoga Instructor from Daytona Beach at Startup Weekend in Tampa this past weekend. There were other yogi’s attending the event but I’m not sure any of them were pursuing a professional career as a yoga master. I’m also not quite sure if there were any belly dancing ladies there either. There was one gentleman also from the Daytona Beach area who shared a background in Psychology with me. Most everyone else I met though had some sort of computer technical or business background. With so much diversity it was incredible how easy we could all relate to each other on an esoteric level. We were all full of mind blowing ideas and carried a zest to be successful entrepreneurs. Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities.

I went to Tampa to take part in this event and pitched an idea for a way to technologize what I believe to be the core of my business, TaraFit™ - Fitness through yoga and the art of belly dance. What I primarily do with my classes is teach people how to trust in themselves. Engaging people with exercises and breath work,  bringing the attention to intuition and showing them a belief that it is possible to live their own lives in an enlightened state of peace. It is not easy to live optimally but it is a time proven process. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app for that? Here is the idea I pitched for Nspire. Me!

Imagine having a coaching companion that is with you every step of the way on your intimate journey to discovering true empowerment. Nspire.Me is where you go to get “one on one” guidance via the latest technology. It’s a FUN and holistic approach to helping you heal, boost personal confidence, ambition, self- acceptance, focus, energy, and general belief in yourself! Overcome your fears and become the ideal you with Nspire.Me! It’s FREE, EASY, and on hand when you need it! Choose the categories you prefer to help you succeed in today’s changing world. This application connects you to your inner nature for you to feel a deep core of peace. Light up with Nspire.Me!

Though I did an excellent job with the delivery and several people were interested in my idea, I was unable to inspire people enough to join my team. No worries though because there ware other Startup Weekend attendees on a mission to heal people and we quickly joined forces. Team BioScan.Me adopted to launch a startup business that would revolutionize BioMedical/ BioFeedback technology with a real life Tricorder.

It took me a minute to realize how my background would play a part in this group but I soon realized I was a perfect “fit” for the team. What I believe a Tricorder will do is run more “holistic” tests and suggests a natural remedy before pushing a pricey pharmaceutical on it’s patients. It will create an awareness to mainstream industry that natural medicine really does work. Part of the challenge we found is to awaken people to this reality. Check out this video of our final presentation.

It was so much fun to work along side of such bright minds. I like to think I was an essential part in keeping our team unified and at peace. The best compliment I heard was from a developer on the 1st placed team who shined when he told me that I inspired him all weekend. I knew TaraFit™  did a job well done! We enjoyed each other’s presence over the Startup Weekend and that is what make the experience such an incredible success. Team BioScan.Me has decided to stay connected and continue to work together to H.E.A.L. (Help Earth Awaken Love).





Tracy Ingram, June 12, 2013

Tara, it was a pleasure having you on the team and there is another Startup weekend coming up in September in sarsota mabey could happen them?

TaraFit™, June 12, 2013

Maybe so! :)

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