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May 1st, 2013


“What does tribe mean to you?” Alice Bracegirdle founder of Bellyfit® asks this question in the Tribal Bellyfit® Crew instructor video.  Bracegirdle also asks, “Do you belong to a tribe?”  Initially it struck me as strange, but given today’s multi-ethnic world of racial conflict it seems to be quite an appropriate question to consider.

 Bellyfit® uses  movements inspired by “American” Tribal belly dance as well as Middle Eastern, Indian, African and Asian cultures for the cardio-dance portion of the workout. Bellyfit® is the world’s leading holistic fitness system for women. I am a member of the Bellyfit® CREW “tribe” and  offer this fabulous Bellyfit® system to my neck of the woods (Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, Ormond Beach).

 Once the questions were seeded, my consciousness grew! I started to realize how deep it truly is. I started to research about “tribe”  to figure out what does it mean. I found the answer listed smack in the middle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It’s that sense of belonging or love that we a that we give to our family, friends, partner, and spouse that we  need. Yes, I belong! We ALL matter and belong to something bigger than ourselves, the “tribe”.

 The way I see it is that people generally strive to find a balance of social justice within their community in order to prosper. Some people are more successful at building their tribe, finding their people and creating that niche for themselves to flourish. Others due to several factors might become social outcasts and may find their own type to run with as well. The success of the individual may have to do with the peacefulness and integrity of the group. Knowing the tribe is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

 I like the Pink Floyd song “Us and Them”. It is the “us” versus “them” mentality that tends to separate people and create conflict. “We” tend to think of ourselves as better than “them”. When “they” are better than “us” are “we” might get insecure and jealous. Instead of resorting to a lower defective character trait or vibration frequency, why not redirect the mind to be at peace with “them”?

 This gets tricky because of personal factors. Primitive survival strategy says that “If I’m more powerful, then I will live forever (or pass on my genes). Ensuring the survival of “our” species we panic with Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO is a defense mechanism based on the scarcity principle, which in my opinion is a lie because, I believe there is enough peacefulness to go around.

 Instead of comparing and creating competition with others, why not direct the thought to “Who have “I” become in the process of striving for what “I” want?” This isn’t selfishness this is being self aware. Sharing the peace of “their” achievement may even be contagious and more spiritually empowering. Healthy people will want to be at peace. I take time to notice what judgement come my way. I think my perception might reflect how I see myself. What are your judgments of others? Do you believe it might be a reflection of your own self perception?

 On the the flip side is the belief that “we” are better than “them.” Another lie!!! This is separation of intimacy at the root. This is a situation that I must remind myself because I tend to isolate and pride myself as being an elitist. It’s totally self-defeating insanity that has to do with inflation of the Ego. I like thinking of Ego as Easing God Out. It’s sad how many times my Ego has created this separation story,  distancing me from the very belonging I crave. Optimally I want to create a field of harmony in knowing that “they” have as much to teach & offer  “me” as “I” do “them”. In order to do that I must put down my pride and pick up some humility. Like JFK said in his inaugural address “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country”. In other words “We” want to ask how may “I” serve “you” before wondering what’s in it for “me”.

 Spreading a sincere message of peace, grace, love, connectedness, kindness, and joy is more beneficial than one of winning, being right, forceful, strong, on top of the heap, successful and so on. Remember the race is only within ourselves. Success is just as much about the value of our internal qualities than any form of material reward. Teaching meditation rather than medication makes us holistically “fit” people. Would you like to be holistically “fit” ? Remember it is a process.

 Justine Musk shares the message in an article called 18 principles for highly creative living:

“Creativity happens in the edges and intersections (where different ideas can meet up and have sex with each other): between disciplines, and also between people. You need your tribe. Your mind craves the stimulation of other minds. We shape ourselves according to the people we hang with (we can’t help it) so if you don’t like the person you’re becoming, slowly change out your tribe.”


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Thank you, Alice Bracegirdle, for asking me about my tribe! Perhaps TaraFit™ and/ or Bellyfit® are the tribes you are looking for! Bellyfit® creates a sense of community for women to come together, move their bodies, and become empowered in a feminine way. It isn’t just about flat abs, it’s so much more! When we feel depressed, stressed out, and exhausted, we are powerless. Exercising only to look good is not empowering. Exercise should always include the physical results you want but it should also leave you feeling happy, relaxed, energized, and empowered. Bellyfit® acknowledges that women deserve to look great and feel great too. When this happens it will change everything!

 A standard BellyFit® class format is just for women and offers a fresh and fabulous combination of cardio moves inspired by Belly dance, African dance and Bollywood plus an intelligent infusion of yoga, pilates and meditation. You get the exercise you need the community you crave and a whole lot more than you ever thought possible from a “workout”.

 I belong to the Bellyfit® crew and instruct Bellyfit® classes at IHH Yoga Loft in Daytona Beach, Heavenly Fitness in Daytona Beach Shores, and Yoga Circle & Dance in Ormond Beach. If you are interested in having me bring a Bellyfit® class to your studio or gym, please feel welcome to contact me. I am happy to answer any questions or comments about Bellyfit®. The best way to learn what Bellyfit® is is to come to a Bellyfit® class. Join me!

 Is it apparent how uniquely diverse of a tribe I have as Tarafit™? It is in an inspiring way to me! Since “you” are reading this article chances are “you” are already part of “my” tribe. In this sense, together “we” are one!!  I am so grateful to have generously supportive, spiritually fit, healthy minded, bodacious bodied individuals in my life. I realize how truly blessed I am. I appreciate you!




Do you think I’m WRONG? I want your criticism! Will you please share your comments with me?!! :) Finally some Nirvana!!!


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