Bellyfit® | TaraFit™ – Fitness Through Yoga & the Art of Belly Dance

About Bellyfit®
When you come to a Bellyfit® class you can expect a familiar format in every class. We start out with an opening meditation where we focus on posture and the breath. Warm up with fun pre cardio and cardio fusion dance movements inspired by the Middle East, Asian, Indian and African cultures. Following with a cardio recovery cool down, grounding back to stay safe. Then a chakra isolation where we give focus to the body’s different muscle groups and an Earth shower where we revitalize with the breath. Next we take off our shoes and pull out mats for Pilates infused core on the floor strengthening exercises. Finishing up with a hatha yoga stretch and closing mudra.

Why Bellyfit®
The Bellyfit® philosophy states that through holistic movement and self-discovery, we can reprogram ourselves and learn to love that which is our most precious gift, our most important tool, and our most honest messenger:our body. The mission of Bellyfit® is to give girls and women worldwide the opportunity for self-empowerment and re-balancing through holistic movement, music, community, and culture. By helping them feel good in their bodies, they develop an appreciation and an acceptance of their bodies’ natural shape and shed years of negative self talk. Through this empowerment and reprogramming, they can continue to be the family, community and planetary stewards they were meant to be and assist in the re-balancing of our planet.