Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all that you’ve got.

January 3rd, 2013

Happy 2013 to all you peaceful warriors!! I hope that you are envisioning new ways to evolve yourself personally and making our world a better place. My resolution for this year is to be true to myself. What does that even mean?

Simply put – being who I am! My goal is to pull back all the layers of expectations to help me honestly get in touch with what really makes me tick. I know I will be able to enrich others by being my genuine self. I am also hopeful to empower others in doing the same in their lives.

By being the change I want to see (thank you Ghandhi) and imagining others will in turn consciously identify their core selves, I will be creating a community of healthy minded individuals.  Why?

As neuro-scientist David Eagleman has written, “The problem with hiding your real motives is that you’re essentially keeping a secret. The main thing that is known about secrets is that keeping them is unhealthy for the brain.” When we begin to weave webs of deception, we need to expend enormous mental energy to prevent them from tangling. There is less brain power left over for solving real problems, and we start to falter in other areas of our lives. The problems will show up in our bodies (secrets and lies can weaken our immune systems) and wreck havoc on our relationships (both personal and professional).

Once we really break down the toxic thought process of an unhealthy mind and recondition are brains to becoming more  healthy; then we can sleep well at night, wake up feeling refreshed and focus on maintaining this healthy lifestyle into our physical bodies as well.

Here are a few good links I have found to help get the metaphorical ball rolling on how to be true.
6-steps to being true to Yourself
Tips on being true to yourself
Video on Meditation - I <3 Spirit Science!!!

I am pleased to announce some exciting updates to my calendar this week! I have the opportunity to cover Laura Ashland’s yoga classes at Yoga Circle and Dance in Ormond Beach this weekend. I will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My yoga and BellyFit classes in Ormond at Anytime Fitness are still on for Friday. You might want to check out the details on my schedule here.

There are TWO opportunities for you to watch me belly dance this Saturday night. First, I will be at the grand reopening of NBalance Holistic Day Spa & Salon. That is on January 5th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at 949 D-5 Beville Road in South Daytona. My friend and seasoned yoga instructor Jodi Asherman will also be fire dancing at the party. It will be an event that you truly do not want to miss! Stay posted because I will be teaching BellyFit classes here soon too. Afterwards, I will be belly dancing at Mediterranean Experience at 147 North Beach Street in Daytona Beach. Stop in for a delicious dinner created by the renowned Chef Naz!!

I hope you find this blog post useful! Please feel free to comment on more of what you would like to hear from me.



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