I’ve Got the Remedy!

March 28th, 2013

People often ask me how my Daytona Beach yoga classes compare to other yoga Daytona Beach classes. Some common questions that I hear from my followers are: “Do you teach Hot Yoga?” OR “I have taken Bikram in Port Orange, is TaraFit’s yoga class like that?” It is a little tricky to explain to a complete yoga novice but with this blog post, I would like to shed some light to this ideas of what TaraFit’s yoga class is like.

First off, I get stagnant when it comes to labeling my All-Levels Yoga class with anything more frilly than the classic term “Yoga”. For vernacular revenue generation I could coin the term “Cold Yoga” to give it a label. That might work, except I do not exactly crank down air conditioning to get the room temperature a bone chilling degree, since TaraFit classes are typically indoors. Once the weather gets warm enough and classes resume on the beach I might call practicing in the ripe summer heat of Daytona Beach, Florida naturally “Hot Yoga”.

My preference of organically heating the body internally stems from the desire to keep my yoga participants safe. It takes practice to learn how to listen to and honor your body. At the beginning of the class, I encourage my yoga (and Bellyfit®) students to connect to their inner awareness! Throughout the session, I remind my yogis.. and Bellyfit® participants.. to stay connected to their bodies with the breath. Sure you can step out of the comfort zone and create challenge for yourself in the poses BUT it is important to find integrity with the breath to prevent bodily injury.

I find it challenging to compare myself to what other yoga and belly dance / Bellyfit® teachers offer simply because the act of doing so is a state of mind that I choose to let go of. This type of thought process resonates (to me) on the same line as taking someone else’s inventory, which is not apart of my belief system. Since it is hard for me to judge the best thing I can offer in this scenario is for YOU to COME and PARTICIPATE in one of my YOGA, belly dance and/ or Bellyfit® classes so you can create an opinion of the experience on your own.

An idea that I, TaraFit, strive to present in all of  my yoga, belly dance and/ or Bellyfit® classes is the invaluable tool of the Niyamas, the second “limb” of Patanjali’s eight limbed yoga system. Niyama is Sanskrit for “observance” or as I see it in “the relationship within our-self”. The five Niyamas are:

  1. Purifying your body and mind
  2. Cultivating an attitude of contentment
  3. Training the senses
  4. Inner exploration
  5. Letting go into your spiritual source

Enough about my classes; Let’s talk about mmmmmmmmmmmmeee!!!! [EGOPALOOZA] ;)  Without a doubt, I have the best life in the world!!!! Sticking to my New Years Resolution to be true to myself, I have learned how to trust the process and accept myself!! The way I achieve this view is by shifting my focus and discovering the key is in Radical Self Love!!!!

The corrupting primary addiction known as self-hatred still likes to creep into my life if I let it.. MANY people suffer long time from this epidemic of a self destructive thought process! Where I place my pride is in my willingness to be strong and change my mind on how I perceive it! It takes work daily to seek out the divine guidance which raises my level of consciousness.

Awakening to this realization comes from DOING some RESEARCH!!!! I give testimony to a book by Daytona Books & Metaphysics owner Manny Billing as a catalyst in the process of my WAKE UP! routine. :) (Tip! You can download The Art of Falling in Love with you Time on Earth here for Free!!!) Other great reads are A Love Worth Giving by Max Lucado, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Wayne W. Dyer and (of course) the powerful books from my support system of Narcotics Anonymous.

Educating myself on appreciation, acceptance and love helps to set me free from my EGO. I praise the fabulous Gala Darling for the juicy gems of influence I get from her delicious site. Let it be known, my dear Universal Christ Consciousness, that I am creating the intention to take part in The Blogcademy and really get  this here TaraFit site flowing with more [3rd] eye opening goodness.

Last but not least, check out the 21 day “Love Your Body! Change Your Relationship With Yourself, Your Body & The Food That You Eat.” video summit series that started today!!! Alice Bracegirdle, the mastermind behind Bellyfit® is one of  The Top Health and Wellness Experts being interviewed by Paula Galli in this conference  I watched Day 1’s interview with Laura Fenamore of One Pinky Promise today and all I can say is my MIND is BLOWN on the size of the medicament (hint: It’s a process not a pill).

This blog posting is to give more insight on what to expect from TaraFit’s yoga, belly dance and/ or Bellyfit® classes. TaraFit’s classes are in Daytona Beach Shores, Daytona Beach and Ormond. You can familiarize yourself with my class schedule here. I hope this message aids in serving to heal others from their own adversities and toward the light of the universe!  Please share your comments and let me know if my waving stick of Nag champa is getting in your eye.




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