Yoga = Yummers !!!

April 8th, 2013

Have you ever thought that there were too many yoga studios in our community? I am not sure how anyone can say that! It’s great that yoga studios are everywhere in Daytona Beach, Ormond and Port Orange! Like the new Platinum Yoga Studio in Ormond Beach that my friends Katie Beck & Travis Lightfoot are getting started. Last week they had their grand opening and I’ve heard it’s been a great start! People everywhere need to be doing yoga!!! I understand that as a professional yoga instructor, I am biased but I will expand on my point.

Finally yoga is reaching the mainstream! With about 5K years of existence, good ol’ boy City of Daytona Beach, prestigious Ormond and rapidly developing Port Orange are actually catching on. Though any business industry can seem cut throat, yoga is not a competitive market. No two yoga instructors are going to teach the exact same way. Unless a yoga instructor is trained in a very precise format (like Bikram- hence it’s familiarized popularity) yoga instructors have wiggle room for their own flair. It’s not like going to a store where you can buy the same product with the same packaging for a comparable price. Just how no two story tellers will narrate a fairy tail precisely the same. Each yoga teacher is going to teach their own interpretation of how they know the art of yoga.

Individual people are want mixed outcomes from a yoga class. Not everyone wants to bend like a pretzel and convert to vegetarianism. Some people want to be able to eventually touch their toes or relax the incessant mind chatter that dominates their consciousness.

The best way to find out if a yoga class works for you is to GO TAKE A YOGA CLASS. I cannot stress this enough! Preconceived opinions about yoga from people have never stepped into a yoga class are endless. Some excuses people have for yoga are downright hilarious. Most of my first time students come to me after their doctors tell them, “You need to be doing Yoga”.

Surely the excuses bin is getting full and people will populate these yoga studios that are everywhere. The yoga studio I am teaching at, Yoga Loft in Daytona Beach, FL gives participants a different approach by creating an everyone is welcome yoga mentality. Willingness is the key to being served yoga. There is a donation for the classes, for example my minimum charge is $8. If by chance funds are low, you are welcome to participate and may opt to contribute to “The Sacred Exchange Box” next time.

At Yoga Loft, TaraFit (I am TaraFit!!!) leads an All-Levels yoga class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10am and Wednesdays at 5:30pm. Again, the minimum donation for my class at Yoga Loft is $8. Of course, if you’d like to contribute more, please be my guest! $;D All-Levels means that people with all levels of yoga experience are welcome to participate, including beginners!

I also offer private lessons where I bring to you a yoga practice. We can practice yoga in the comfort of your own home. Feel free to contact me directly (or send me me clairvoyant frequencies if you are sure I’ll receive them) to set up a private lesson.

Besides teaching yoga, I often make it to some yoga classes to receive rejuvenating light yogic energy from other yoga instructors. At Yoga Circle and Dance, (where I teach Belly Dance Tuesdays at 7:15pm and BellyFit Fridays at 3:30pm) I often make Slow Flow and Yin Yoga classes. I treat myself to an occasional Vinyasa Flow at Heavenly Fitness’s Yoga Lounge (where I teach BellyFit Saturdays at 12:30pm). Then when I’m a really good girl, I will go to Blue Moon for their Hot Yoga Free Flow class Sunday mornings before church.

Lots of options for yoga!!! If you’ve never taken a yoga class before, I highly recommend taking one.. or ten! If you’ve had a bad yoga experience, I challenge you to find a different approach. It’s always a good idea to try various studios and experiment with numerous instructors. Find someone that you can relate to and feel comfortable with. The environment in which you practice is important for giving you room to flourish naturally. Once you find your right “fit”, it will open your perspective on how you see your mind, body and spirit. Happy practicing!!! <3





Emily, May 4, 2013

Tara is a great instructor and you should attend her classes. I am a beginner trying to build up to being an experienced and “fit” student and Tara has been very supportive and understanding. I highly recommend her.

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