Yippie Yoga at YCD!!!

June 28th, 2012

Beginning this Saturday I will be taking over 10 days of yoga classes in Ormond Beach at Yoga Circle and Dance while Laura Ashland, owner, is out of town! I wrote a blog post last week about how much I enjoyed substituting at her studio for her at the beginning of the month and that I’d love to do it again. Now that time is approaching!

If, you haven’t already synced it up to your Google calendar to mine: Please view my schedule here. I plan to take over all the classes I can that don’t conflict with my current teaching schedule.

The studio will be open for business on July 4th!

Yoga Circle and Dance is a studio in Ormond Beach that offers yoga for every “body”! The classes on the schedule are Basic Yoga, Yin Yoga, Slow Flow, Core Flow, Yoga Seniors and Yoga Kids.

Basic Yoga: (Beginner and All Levels) Simple alignment focused yoga for every “body”. Great for beginners, special conditions, all shapes and sizes, pregnancy and seniors; learning to work with breath.

Yin Yoga: (All Levels)
Focused breathing, longer holds, deep centering resulting in awareness, calm, and inner stillness. Props are used to allow inner focus into the core body.

Slow Flow: (All Levels)
Vinyasa flow emphasizing pose progression, alignment and breath. A flow of movement with meditative holds and deeper stretching.

Core Flow: (Intermediate Level)
Active flow yoga emphasizing core essentials of alignment, core abdominal strength, cardio health, and flexibility. A natural flow from pose to pose with options to feel challenged, yet successful. Mind follows breath into alignment and calm.

Yoga Seniors: (Ages 50 and up, Beginners and All Levels)
Focusing on alignment, range of motion, and balance. Learning breathing techniques to enhance your practice and calm the mind. Appropriate for all ages, shapes, and abilities. Great for special conditions and rehabilitation.

Yoga Kids: (Ages 5-8) (Ages 9-15)
Cooperative learning concepts that are playful and creative. We use mindful movement, games, share circles, breath work, and visualizations to more energy through the body as we calm the mind.

Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. I teach a beginner level belly dance class at Yoga Circle and Dance. We practice conditioning the body to move in new ways. Isolating muscle movements and strengthening of the core are the foundational keys to belly dance. From here we build on creating combinations to fun music. Stop in if you have not already!

I am really looking forward to running the show next week at Yoga Circle and Dance. This studio is a wonderful place to make your yoga home. Drop-in rate of $10. Feel free to stop in and check it out!



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