Super Bowl

February 7th, 2012

Is it any wonder that The Giants won the Super Bowl?!? They have been practicing yoga all season!! As soon as the team walked on the field you could notice their sense of calm connectedness.  Even though the Patriots were ahead at half time it was obvious who had the upper hand!

If you are a football player who would like to learn some yoga moves check out this article for hip opening poses.

I absolutely loved the halftime show staring Madonna!!! Most of the songs that she presented where from the good ol’ days of The Immaculate Collection with a few other of her newer bangers. The Ancient Egyptian themed costumes were classically regal and her moves were energetically youthful. I would have enjoyed seeing her perform more traditional Egyptian dance moves though.. maybe some Dina hips.

There were a slew of hunky backup dancers but the most impressive was the tight rope artist that had our star dropping it like it’s hot. What really caught my attention was how cool that moving stage must have been to dance on.

The powerful message of world peace really tied the fabulous performance together. Here is the act for your viewing pleasure.


I especially enjoyed the namaste celebration aka an Anjali mudra that Justin Tuck would make after his touchdowns. If you don’t know, the Anjali Mudra is a yoga pose where you simply press your palms against each other and close your eyes. It is performed as part of a physical yoga practice with an aim to achieving several benefits. It is a centering pose which helps to alleviate mental stress and anxiety by focusing the mind on a single thought and is therefore used to assist you in achieving a calm in the mind for a meditative state. The physical execution of the pose helps to promote flexibility in the hands, wrists, fingers and arms.

Simply put, with so much mind body concentration the Giants were just able to catch the handegg more times then the Patriots.

As far as my favorite Superbowl commercial goes, Samsung gets my vote.  The clever Love themed street party was fun and cute. After seeing the new Samsung phone a woman exclaims, “I don’t know what I believe in anymore”. Then a street performers screams, “I believe in a Thing Called Love”. Thank you Samsung for reminding us that Love is what we need to believe in. Feel free to sing along to this ad right here:




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