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January 18th, 2012

Ormond Yoga Fitness Exercises

I was recently contacted by a potential student for some one-on-one private yoga lessons in Ormond Beach. He explained that he had some minor injuries and thought yoga could help. He has practiced before but, like most people – had very little experience. I told him I was up for the challenge and that my classes would help.

Throughout my studies as a yoga instructor in Ormond Beach, I have found it to be useful to explore my students capabilities and limitations. I like to be able to cater to my students needs through well thought out lessons. I’m not a big fan of cookie cutter routines that students have to fit into.

That is why Yoga exercise is so great. There are many different poses and combination of poses that can suit every type of person. Though I hope that one day the student is able to – not everyone can practice specific poses. Especially if they are a new comer,  have specific injuries and/or limitations.

Some students are trying to target specific areas of their body to work on. There are so many muscles in the human body. Some muscles more important than others depending on a students goals and aspirations. Golf, Surfing, Running – all these activities use the same muscle groups to some extent and can benefit from yoga teaching. But these same muscle groups are used differently during these activities.  That is also why yoga can be so beneficial.

I thought this would be a great time to post a little case study about my client and some yoga poses that will help. I explored the internet and found some useful articles and a video. Below is a little bit of info about what I found.

The Student:

  • Male
  • Mid 40′s

Pain level:

  • Doesn’t have any constant pain
  • Does get arthritis depending on the weather


  • Shoulder pops- does not dislocate
  • Left elbow has a plate in the joint
  • Also gets shin splints
  • Has sore achilles tendon heel


  • Would like to build on flexibility with stretching
  • Weight loss and toning
  • The plan is to meet 3 times a week.

Here are some articles I found to be useful:

Here is a video I found about how to stretch the Achilles tendon:


I hope you found this somewhat useful. Please check back in again for more updates as I continue to teach this student.

If you have any ideas or useful information about how to make this post better – please let me know through the comments section below. I always appreciate useful insight. Since I’m new to this blogging thing – sometimes things don’t come out how I would like them to. I’m a busy Yogi in the Daytona Beach area :) .




Lise, April 12, 2012

Great photo. I also really liked the ahugling buddha and the hollywood perfected. very interesting images. I am glad you enjoyed the cactus and Chihuly on my site. I will have more Chihuly coming up and a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West over the next few weeks. I hope you like the Wright series about his historic desert camp.

TaraFit™, April 15, 2012


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