Label Me a Hipstar

November 29th, 2011

Hire a Daytona Belly Dancer

With the holidays upon us it is easy to fall into the temptation of consumerism. The message to empty our savings account for fresh merchandise isn’t very subliminal anymore .. it’s plain obvious! We are being bombarded with an idea of purchasing products to satisfy our human needs. Are they really needs or simply wants? I don’t recall any technological gadgets being listed on Maslow’s Hierarchy. Still some shopaholics might insist that a spending spree will in-fact boost our economy. This is the idea I will entertain.

Black Friday is when holiday shoppers go to their favorite mega store and literally fight with other consumers over who was first in line for a limited number of cheap ginormous high definition televisions. This year, we have learned the competition is so intense that you best not leave home without the pepper spray. What is the message being portrayed to our children when they find the latest modular video gaming system underneath their Christmas tree? They probably think Santa has a concealed weapons permit and is strapped. This is what we are teaching the future leaders of our country! It’s a true misfortune because after all the fighting, only 30% of the money we spend at that Jumbo Mart is going to be recycled into the local economy.

The next big day of waste is Cyber Monday (sounds risque doesn’t it?) where peeps shop online for the best deals in the nation. Click and mortar shopping is actually a marketing scheme designed to stroke poor chumps into believing that they are making savvy investments. The reality of this tragic hoard-fest is that it’s completely promoting obsessive-compulsive behavior. Newsflash people, when you shop online – chances are that 0% of that money is going to be circulated into your community! Where is the logic in buying our loved ones gifts that ultimately destroy the sustainability of our cities, states, and nation. I don’t even want to stop there because, this vicious cycle is precisely what is killing our planet!

The whole purpose of the holidays are to share the gift of love. We are supposed to be spending this time showing the people who we care about just how much they mean to us. Call me outrageous but, I believe love is priceless! I refuse to rationalize buying someone’s love. In my opinion a perfect gift would be a compliment, a smile or a hug. These are things that I would appreciate and accept gracefully.

Now gentle reader, before you accuse me of being some deck hipster idealist, please note that I prefer the term – hipstar. Sure, everyone knows that environmental excellence is desirable but, not a realistic goal. I promise to respect that opinion, and in return would appreciate for you to listen to my baby step suggestions towards making the world a better place. I will even consider it a Hanukkah present!

Before you go out to the mall – simply take an inventory of what you already have. Of your possessions: What do you use on a daily basis? Which of these items make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling? Are there things that you own that are honestly not useful at all? My guess is – unless you are a Feng Shui specialist there are some items cluttering up your life. Make a commitment to yourself to stop wasting money and space on items like this. In today’s economy it’s smart to be cost- conscious. An easy solution is to simply be modest. This is something that you may find healthy for your wallet and ego mind. That is my gift for you to take to the bank!


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